About us

We believe that every owner and operator of commercial vehicles should have the tools to gain visibility and control over every aspect of their business.

We recognize that one of the greatest challenges to fulfilling this vision is easy and reliable access to affordable GPS, IoT, and Vehicle Telematics devices for local businesses such as GPS resellers, tracking service providers, large fleet owners, or operators.

At The GPS Company, we are building solutions to simplify sourcing state-of-the-art devices and hardware from leading global brands, at reasonable prices, delivered with delightful customer service, so as to make the advancements in fleet technology easily accessible to all.

We do this via deep relationships with the best suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world. The products available through The GPS Company are guaranteed for authenticity, rigorously inspected for quality, and come with long-term warranties.

We are a small but rapidly growing team that helps each and every customer with a consultative approach to sourcing the hardware that is right for their needs, hand-holding them through the process of delivery, and in the off-chance that something is wrong with the products, helping them exercise the benefits of the warranty.

We currently run our global operations from India and have our warehouses in Hong Kong and Dubai. We have plans to expand our physical presence in other countries as well.

Head Office

34 Tidal Wy,
San Mateo,
CA 99410 USA

Mon - Sat, 9:00am - 07:00pm
Sunday, Holiday