How can GPS Help in Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

How can GPS Help in Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

GPS and Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems

As a fleet manager, you understand how valuable commercial cars and their cargo are—but so do thieves, who are becoming increasingly inventive in their attempts to steal them. Theft is an awful reality in the world, whether it is after your vehicle or the contents within it. 

Because of the worth of their resources and their predictable, if not public, operation hours, commercial firms are excellent targets for theft. When someone decides to "borrow" another person's commercial vehicle in the hopes of profiting from it or its load, it can cause a significant issue for the business owner or management.

What is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System?

A vehicle recovery system is a method of preventing theft in your fleet. If an event occurs, you must have a plan or system in place to quickly recover the stolen vehicle.

A vehicle recovery system's purpose is to assist you in minimising financial losses if one of your assets is stolen. GPS fleet tracking is an excellent solution if you want to ensure that you are prepared to recover company property quickly and safely.

The stolen vehicle recovery system uses GPS to send a signal to GPS tracking software, which can pinpoint the asset's coordinates. This can aid police in locating and recovering the vehicle. There are also stolen vehicle recovery systems available that use a GPS System to alert fleet managers when a truck leaves a geofenced area.

How Can GPS Help in Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

Here are three ways that GPS technology can aid in stolen vehicle recovery

  • Asset Recovery: 
  • If one of your vehicles is stolen, you can use GPS tracking to find out exactly where it is. This increases the likelihood and eases the difficulty of recovery. GPS tracking can also speed up the recovery of your vehicle. 

    Most fleets take predetermined routes, so if a vehicle departs from specific geolocations, your tracking software can send an alert in real-time. The fleet manager can then either contact the driver to determine if there is a problem or contact law enforcement.

  • Discourage Thieves:
  • A potential thief may be discouraged from trying to steal a vehicle if they notice a GPS tracker on it.

  • Valuable Insights: 
  • GPS software offers you useful statistics that you can use to defend yourself against future attacks. In the event of a theft, you can delve deeply into the data and analyse what happened, where it happened, and why it happened. You can then take proactive steps to avoid it happening again. For example, if you notice recurring incidents at a specific location, you can spot trends and adjust your route accordingly.

    How to Choose the Right Stolen Vehicle Recovery System?

    There are various GPS tracking systems available to choose from. Passive GPS tracking records the location of the vehicle but does not transmit it. This means you'll have to wait until the vehicle returns to the base before attempting to access all of the data, which is inconvenient in the event of a theft.

    Always opt for active GPS tracking, which follows the vehicle and transmits data to the hub in near real-time. This allows you and the officials to easily find and recover your vehicle. Along with location tracking, look for a system that aids in onboard diagnostics, maintenance, and overall fleet efficiency.